Born in 1983, he began his piano studies in 1989 in the Modena area in the schools of Pierluigi da Palestrina and Youth Music, next in Milan until 1994 under the direction of Maestro Marino (G. Verdi Conservatory of Milan), landing on modern genres in the last five years of lessons with the concert artist Silvana Cani, teacher at the Civic Schools of Music in Milan. In 1994 he took part in the Ispra Prize. From 2005 he became self-taught and began writing and producing plays; in 2008 he presented his first works in Milan in a solo piano concert at the Rosetum Theater. To date, he boasts several works including the acclaimed album "Crescendo", for piano and orchestra (2013), and several other publications, numerous concerts as well as important international collaborations. Since 2011 he has collaborated as a musician in musical projects in major Italian cities and has been the promoter of similar initiatives at artistic foundations in the Balkan countries, in the foreground TAF: Metamatic Art Foundation of Athens where he has been published since January 2013. In May 2016 he publishes the second disc "IKARUS", a work of instrumental research, sound for piano, orchestra and local instruments that will mark the important turning point of the path started with Crescendo. In 2019 he begins the drafting of the new work "ILISSOS" interrupted soon due to a violent accident that forced him to undergo a delicate surgery after the rupture of the tendons and cuff of the right shoulder. 2020 opens with the cancellation of the international tour of "Ikarus.Concerto" due to the tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic. He promotes charity initiatives during numerous live concerts aimed at raising funds in favor of the hospitals of Lombardy District of which he is a supporter, during 2020 and 2021. In May 2021 he is invited and awarded at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, where he plays some of his most famous pieces. On the same occasion, the collaboration with RiabiliTango begins by presenting a new version of "Kourion" adapted for an exciting Tango Nuevo which was re-proposed at the Teatro Sociale in Como in September. He publishes the first single "Partire" taken from the new album "Ilissos" in January and in March 2022 the new album "ILISSOS" comes out, for piano and orchestra, ancient and Greek instruments (including Bouzouki, Baglamas, Tzouras and Cretan Lyre). The all new ILISSOS.CONCERTO starts from Mantova in Le Grazie during the 'Antichissima Fiera' edition 2022, and then arrives in Bologna, Monza, Milan and other splendid Italian cities from 2023.